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No­va­tion Bass Sta­tion 2 £399

This fat-sound­ing 25-note synth from No­va­tion features a two osc + sub osc DCO en­gine, two LFOs, af­ter­touch and ve­loc­ity, a se­quencer, and a ver­sa­tile mul­ti­mode fil­ter.­va­tion mu­

Wal­dorf Pulse 2 £377

This is one great­sound­ing DCO-driven desk­top synth that’s su­per por­ta­ble, with a pow­er­ful mod ma­trix and mul­ti­mode fil­ter, plus 8- and 4-note para­phonic modes for chord play­ing.


Moog Mother-32 £609

Fea­tur­ing a sin­gle Moog VCO, this semi-mod­u­lar desk­top/rack­able synth has the clas­sic Moog sound cou­pled to a dual-mode Moog lad­der fil­ter (LPF/ HPF). In­cludes a 32-step se­quencer.

www.moog­mu­sic. com

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