Cos­mic per­cus­sion from As­ter­oid Mini

Per­cus­sion syn­the­sis is hurtling to­wards us from Blue Lantern Mod­ules

Future Music - - MODULAR MONTHLY -

Blue Lantern’s As­ter­oid Mini per­cus­sion synth is a flavour all its own. The big red Push but­ton makes us feel like we’re launch­ing into space, aided beau­ti­fully by a range of cos­mic and far-out synth per­cus­sion sounds hid­ing un­der a large se­lec­tion of mini pots and in­puts.

The As­ter­oid-Mini-Syn­the­sizer – to give it its full name – is a full (al­beit mini in size – 20HP) synth voice in Euro­rack for­mat. It’s based around per­cus­sion syn­the­sis but can be pushed and pulled to do much more. It has 12 in­puts, seven out­puts, four switches and 17 knobs – so it’s far from sim­ple in terms of con­trol and sonic ma­nip­u­la­tion.

At the core of the As­ter­oid-Mini is a Buchla-based tri­an­gle core os­cil­la­tor that we can mod­u­late with sync, lin­ear FM, pitch en­velopes and ex­ter­nal CV. There’s on­board noise gen­er­a­tion, a click or pop gen­er­a­tor to give a lit­tle tran­sient smack, and also a PT De­lay with both knob and CV con­trol over feed­back and de­lay time. We can also mix ex­ter­nal sounds into the VCA and split both dry and mixed de­lay out­puts. It’s bonkers and we love it!

We’ll be team­ing up this lit­tle bun­dle of synth drum love with three her Blue Lantern mod­ules: On the Mini Shim­mery Gen­er­a­tor we get three square waves with in­di­vid­ual pitch con­trol, global pitch con­trol, on board VCA and decay en­ve­lope for creat­ing metal­lic per­cus­sion i.e. cym­bals. The As­ter­oid BD is a bass drum mod­ule ca­pa­ble of a range of solid and deep bass drum tones. Fi­nally, Mr Fill Gates pro­vides us with 16-step switch-based se­quenc­ing.

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