NI Mas­chine Jam £299

Full Re­view: FM310

Future Music - - GEAR GUIDE -

Jam is a great, cre­ative con­troller in its own right, but it’s best used as a coun­ter­point to the ex­ist­ing Mas­chine hard­ware.

Akai Ad­vance 49 | £399 Re­view FM293 Com­bined with Akai’s VIP soft­ware, the Ad­vance con­trollers re­move the dis­con­nect be­tween con­troller and DAW. NI Kom­plete Kon­trol S61 | £539 Re­view FM285 A beau­ti­ful hard­ware and soft­ware pack­age that just works. Now...

Ar­turia MiniLab MkII | £89 Re­view: FM316 The Mk2 is only a sub­tle step on from the Mk1 hard­ware-wise but it’s a solid lit­tle con­troller, and worth the price for the in­cluded con­tent alone.

Able­ton Push 2 | £599 Re­view FM302 Push and Live were al­ready a great combo, but ver­sion 9.5 and Push 2 raise the bar for one of the best hard­ware/ soft­ware ex­pe­ri­ences around.

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