Au­dior­ity Tube Mo­du­la­tor

A war­bling move­ment plugin with all the right vibes. James Russell peers through vin­tage glass at Au­dior­ity’s lat­est ef­fect

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Tube Mo­du­la­tor never over­steps its re­mit, pay­ing the ul­ti­mate re­spect to 10 vin­tage ef­fects

Au­dior­ity have been hard at work recre­at­ing iconic ef­fects re­cently. Novem­ber’s Echoes T7E took on the Bin­son Echorec de­lay, and now Tube Mo­du­la­tor brings even more Pink Floy­dian tones to your DAW, stuff­ing in ana­logue em­u­la­tions of clas­sic tremolo and vi­brato ef­fects.

To start with, Tube Mo­du­la­tor lays down seven vin­tage-style tremolo and vibe ef­fects, based on those found in amps and ped­als from the ’50s and ’60s. Uni-Vibe tones are the or­der of the day, then, and they’ve all been mod­elled from the orig­i­nal gear.

Not con­tent with th­ese mag­nif­i­cent seven, there’s also a se­lec­tion of three more clas­sic spa­tial ef­fects: choose from Pan­ner, Les­lie and Wow Flut­ter to em­u­late some more heavy-duty war­bles. With some Les­lie-only em­u­la­tion plug­ins com­ing in with a far higher price tag, Tube Mo­du­la­tor is im­me­di­ately a de­cent deal.

Both sets of ef­fects are con­trolled with LFO wave­shape se­lec­tion, Rate and Amount di­als. When it comes to deep, un­du­lat­ing ef­fects, you can re­ally con­jure up any colour you like. On gui­tar, the tones you can wring out of Tube Mo­du­la­tor range from ab­sorb­ing to fre­netic, while on synths the ef­fects re­ally help to bring at­mos­phere and depth to static tones. Th­ese aren’t just worka­day dig­i­tal mod­u­la­tion ef­fects – the sub­tle ana­logue char­ac­ter is com­pletely ev­i­dent.

The os­cil­lo­scope sits in the cen­tre of the in­ter­face, with suit­ably retro vi­su­als to match the son­ics that Tube Mo­du­la­tor kicks out. The trace moves ver­ti­cally with the move­ment of your choice of the seven ef­fects, and hor­i­zon­tally with the Les­lie/Pan­ner mo­du­la­tor, and the two add to­gether to cre­ate a com­pelling Lis­sajous-style vis­ual that you can’t tear your eyes away from. Our sin­gle-frame screen­grabs don’t do it jus­tice.

Tube Mo­du­la­tor’s Mix knob is al­most miss­able at the bot­tom, but since it’s a rare thing to em­ploy any less than the de­fault 100% in an ef­fect such as this, that’s about right. Flank­ing this are Tube Mo­du­la­tor’s Sync and Link switches – Sync ties the Rate con­trols to your DAW’s project tempo, while Link en­sures that the two Rate pa­ram­e­ters and Amount pa­ram­e­ters share the same value when tweaked.

For the fu­ture? How about a ‘relative link’ switch here, so dif­fer­ent val­ues can be au­to­mated by their relative amounts? But, in fact, here we en­counter the es­sen­tial strength of this plugin. Ev­ery time I think, “This needs a con­trol for…”, I im­me­di­ately re­alise that that’s not the point: Tube Mo­du­la­tor never over­steps its re­mit, pay­ing the ul­ti­mate re­spect to 10 vin­tage ef­fects. And it both looks and sounds stun­ning while do­ing it.

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