Us­ing the Oc­ta­track as a mul­ti­ple clock source/di­vider/mul­ti­plier

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“Feed up to four tracks with a sim­ple square wave or short au­dio im­pulse. Con­nect the four out­puts to what­ever a clock needs in your mod­u­lar sys­tem. Ad­just lev­els/ du­ra­tion of the au­dio im­pulses to fit for the clock in­puts of your mod­ules.

“Set steps on each se­quencer of the four tracks: with each step set on a 16step se­quence, your module will run at the same speed as the Oc­ta­track. With set­ting 8 steps, 4, 2 or 1 step you can di­vide the clock by 2, 4, 8, 16. Set gen­eral tempo within the Tempo screen and the Level knob (or Up and Down ar­row keys). Or use the Tempo Mul­ti­plier (in the Pat­tern Scale Setup), of­fer­ing seven pos­si­ble set­tings: 1/8X, 1/4X, 1/2X, 3/4X, 1X, 3/2X and 2X. This should work with any sam­pler.

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