In the stu­dio with Riva Starr

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“My stu­dio was in Lon­don. I moved there in 2007. I had a 303, 707, and an 808. A Jo­mox Xbase 999. The SH-101, ob­vi­ously to build the bass – that was my best friend. It’s been with me since the mid-’90s. Then a Juno 106, Korg MS-20, Yamaha DX7, a Prophet-5, Moog Taurus, Roland JX-1, Roland JV-2080, and a Moog Prodigy. Then a few ped­als and dis­tor­tion mod­ules. I was us­ing Logic at the time, too. I had a sum­ming mixer from ADT-Au­dio, and a few out­board things at the time, like the Distres­sor, a SSL XLogic G Se­ries Com­pres­sor, and a Wal­dorf Pulse for the bass, but didn’t use it much. I used to work with an Akai 950, but then quit it as it was too much of a hassle. From 2010, right af­ter the al­bum I started work­ing with Ableton, af­ter us­ing it for live shows. It’s sadly im­pos­si­ble for me to re­call th­ese tracks now, as I had a com­puter crash and lost 90% of the work from that era.”

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