Jori Hulkko­nen Sim­ple Mu­sic For Com­pli­cated Peo­ple

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It’s been 25 years since revered Fin­nish synth ob­ses­sive, Jori Hulkko­nen started mak­ing mu­sic. More than two decades on from the re­lease of his de­but of­fer­ing, he’s un­leashed his 21st stu­dio al­bum, Sim­ple Mu­sic For Com­pli­cated Peo­ple – an­other wildly di­verse and ab­sorb­ing ex­plo­ration of synth-heavy con­coc­tions. His idio­syn­cratic sound bleeds house, techno, dub, am­bi­ent, pop, synth and clas­si­cal all into one an­other ef­fort­lessly. Hulkko­nen sews drama, ten­sion and emo­tion into each track, taking a wind­ing, me­an­der­ing jour­ney through the sub­con­scious. Ma­nip­u­lated sounds, murky re­verb, warm melodies, stretched out synth lines, deep bass and beau­ti­fully con­structed rhythms all fuse to­gether to cre­ate a sound­scape that is as fas­ci­nat­ing as it is un­pre­dictable. At times eerie and other­worldly, whilst at oth­ers driv­ing, play­ful, hyp­notic, groovy or in­tro­verted, the record shifts through moods and tem­pos as ef­fort­lessly as it does time pe­ri­ods. In fact, it’s so unique that it pulls off the im­pres­sive feat of sound­ing both retro and fu­tur­is­tic all at once. As with all of Hulkko­nen’s work, there is a dis­tinct cin­e­matic edge, his ex­pan­sive and im­mer­sive sound­scapes of­fer­ing an al­most vis­ual land to ar­rive in and ex­plore. A won­der­ful and ad­dic­tive al­bum that whisks you away from the real world, Sim­ple Mu­sic For Com­pli­cated Peo­ple is Jori Hulkko­nen in a nut­shell.

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