Hid­den Trea­sures

Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural News - - News - By Mary at Her­itage Haven

Late sum­mer lingers in my gar­den, but the over­grown fern­ery and pot­ting area is shaded by an ex­cess of Gi­ant Burmese honey­suckle that of­fers a cool wilder­ness and wel­come respite from the heat. The honey­suckle was un­earthed in the com­post heap of an old Vic­to­rian camp­ing site al­most thirty years ago; to­day, those pur­loined cut­tings have spread into a glossy wilder­ness of shad­owy pro­tec­tion, ideal for to­day’s re-pot­ting of sum­mer seedlings.

Var­ie­gated Ap­ple-Mint has sprawled its leggy growth across a num­ber of old pots, spread­ing new roots into var­i­ous shal­low pock­ets of healthy prop­a­ga­tion. Iced mint tea would be a de­light­ful respite, but the fra­grant herbs sprout­ing around my fin­ger tips are re­fresh­ment enough at this time. A sprawl of furred pep­per­mint gera­nium ex­tends vel­vety leaves to my fin­ger­tips … its fra­grant growth wan­ders into shad­owy crevices be­neath the prop­a­ga­tion ta­bles, and I has­ten to press vis­i­ble, frag­ile roots be­neath any pock­ets of damp earth. In this damp, ne­glected cor­ner of the gar­den, sur­prises sprawl as fra­grant peren­nial basil cut­tings have also es­caped their starter pots. Mem­o­ries of my grand­mother’s old fern­ery merge with the dis­cov­ery of creep­ing salad bur­net plants and the de­light of tast­ing the fresh wilder­ness of nutty salad bur­net leaves. Sud­denly, I no­tice, nearby, a leggy mass of grey­ish-green, aro­matic fo­liage. Dense spikes of tiny, fra­grant, laven­der-blue flow­ers. This is a laven­der to de­light, Laven­der Bo­sisto … it has been ne­glected, but what a de­light­ful sur­vivor … def­i­nitely an­other hid­den trea­sure.

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