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COMMUNIT Y NEWS EASTBEND THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT... Managing App Subscripti­ons Report following 2018 AGM By Deborah Amos Have you ever found, that you have taken out a Subscripti­on on an App, or even signed up for an App Trial, and then before you know it you have paid for another year, or started paying after the trial when you really meant to cancel? Here are some tips on how to manage At the Eastbend Rural Communicat­ions AGM on the following new Committee was elected: President: Vice President: Public Officer: Secretary: Assistant Secretary: Treasurer: Publicity Officer: Ordinary Committee members: 12th November 2018 RAY WHITEMAN VICKI BROWNLESS Subscripti­ons. RAY WHITEMAN VICKI BROWNLESS App Trials and are concerned that you will be charged again without having made a decision as to whether you want it again for another year. Just like the Trial. go into Subscripti­on settings and cancel the Subscripti­on. You will still be eligible to use the App until the paid period has finished. LIZ CAROLE TESSA WILKINSON This is a great way to find out whether you like an App. Feel free to sign up for the App, rememberin­g that they will often start charging you after the Trial period has finished. A good suggestion is, once you take out a Trial you then go to Subscripti­ons and cancel the Subscripti­on. You will still be able to use the App whilst the Trial period is running but will not then be charged. If you decide to go ahead with the App, sign up again and although you will not be able to do the Trial again, you can then start paying and continuing to enjoy the App. SWEENY Subscripti­ons. Like the App Store, you will see a list of Apps that you have subscribed to and you are now able to manage them. If you are planning to purchase an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer as a gift for a family member or friend, you might like to consider purchasing a One on One voucher(s) to add to the gift. One on One classes are about personal service to make sure that the individual gets the best use out of their Apple device. CORKILL PAT SCHWARTZ, BEV TOLLMAN, SHEILA TROTMAN During 2018 Living Heritage continued to be successful in its mission of keeping the community informed about local matters each month; many thanks to Editor Carole Sweeny and her helpers. Archival plans, including the digitisati­on of the many old photos held by the organizati­on, are ongoing, as are plans for interviewi­ng long time residents of the area. At the meeting it was decided to hold our quarterly meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month, rather than the third; therefore the first meeting for 2019 will be held on Monday February 11th. If you have any local issues you would like to discuss or have help with in the meantime please contact the Secretary Vicki Brownless on livingheri­ or Tessa Corkill, at or 9652-1470. Compliment­s of the Season from all of us to all of you! How Subscripti­ons to control Apple Device On an go to Settings>iTunes & App Stores>Apple ID>View Apple ID>Subscripti­ons Not really easy to find but when you do you will see all the Apps that you have subscribed to. You can then manage them. On go to the menu bar in the top left hand corner then tap on To organise a One on One session or voucher please call Debbie on Mob: 0418296217. Subscripti­ons Google Play So you have paid for a Subscripti­on for an App for a year Craig: 0410 284 180 Sue: 0415 421 848 info@parklanepr­opertygrou­ ♦ www.parklanepr­opertygrou­ Follow us on­s Galston Community News | December 2018 19

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