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School News GALSTON PUBLIC SCHOOL Dooral Early Learning Centre Opens By Carole Weiss A A lovely open day was organised for the official opening of the Dooral Early Learning Centre in Middle Dural. The centre was officially opened by Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne, Dural Rotary Club President George Truelove, aborignal elder Mr. Davis-King and Mr Renshaw. A centre was blessed by Mr Davis-King who played the didgeridoo. The children, who were already enrolled, sang songs and the staff enjoyed showing us around their beautiful new learning centre. Dooral is an aboriginal word, an aboriginal name meaning ‘hollow tree on fire at the bottom and smoking at the top’. Aborigines used to smoke possums out of trees by lighting a fire at the bottom. Dural was once covered by a dense tall forest and was inhabited by the Darug people. The trees were cut out for the need of Sydney developmen­t.Dooral Early Learning Centre has a dream, we plan every child who is from Dooral ELC will plant a tree for the community on their 5th Birthday. s the end of the school year draws near, Galston Public School students have been engaged in many activities such as the sessions of weekly Cricket Clinics, Peer Groups, various fundraiser­s including the ‘Build Your Future Today Centre’ (money raised will be donated for the needs of school children in Cambodian villages) and a stunning native bird and indigenous Murals Official Opening and Aboriginal incursion where Mr Lex Dadd conducted a smoking ceremony. Well done to Year 6 for running a wonderful Mini Fete last term. All the activities and stalls were very well organised and lots of fun. Also well done to our Year 5 students who stepped up to assist Year 6. On a musical note, the Junior and Senior Choirs enjoyed performing at the Galston Early Learning Centre Twilight Markets recently. A special mention goes to Ruby S for her beautiful solo. A joyous Christmas Carol evening to be held in the school hall will conclude Term 4. This evening is to celebrate the wonderful community spirit of Galston Public School. If you would like to know more about our vibrant school, please contact the school office (9653 2062) and any questions you have, will be happily answered. LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTI­ON & DESIGN All your Landscapin­g needs. Our Landscape team eager to transform your property. Qualified, licenced & insured, we will construct, create or renovate all that you desire. 4 GENERATION­S OF TREE EXPERTS  x x x x Retaining walls – timber, block, brick, stone etc. Paving – driveways, pathways, pools. Stonework – walls, pillars, pathways etc. Soft scaping – garden prep & renovation, planting, turfing, mulching etc. Design – from ideas to plans OVER 60 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE YOU CAN TRUST. TREE REMOVAL x •Pruning •Stump Grinding •Land Clearing •Mulch Sales •Firewood Sales No job is too small. 0410 336 929 0414 635 650/ 9653 2205 M: T: www.createyour­ info@mcardletre­ December 2018 | Galston Community News Read online at www.galstoncom­ 40

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