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Glenorie Mission Church Will it be a Christmas to remember? Church At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son who came into the world to bridge the gap between God and mankind. Jesus came to give himself not for personal glory but to sacrifice himself. He was born into a lowly stable, not into a palace. By Ben Davis H Peace and joy should be our response. simple manner, humbly and with thanksgivi­ng. Let’s ‘unclutter’ our plans this Christmas, think about giving because Christ gave, share with our fellow man, make our homes havens of peace and joy and give thanks for the precious gift of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. The true message of Christmas is about giving instead of getting. It is about forgivenes­s and reconcilia­tion. Most of all Christmas is about God’s incredible love for mankind. and drink more than we need and the whole experience leaves many families loaded with debt, exhausted and glad when it’s finally all over. Our society, sadly has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. When we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, we have also to recognise his life, his message, his death and resurrecti­on. This realizatio­n stills our busy minds, ‘unclutters’ our jumbled lives and enables us to approach Christmas in a more wholesome, is birth was for one purpose; the road ahead of him led to one place, and that place was the cross. Jesus Christ was born to die on the cross, a perfect sacrifice, so that through him we might have forgivenes­s for our sin and be brought back into a relationsh­ip with God, cleansed and forgiven, set free, restored! Christmas has become a frenzy of excess, a frenzy of spending and consuming. A time of ‘getting’ instead of ‘giving’. We spend more than we can afford, we eat “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that who ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16 (N.I.V) Carol Service: at Glenorie R.S.L. on Saturday 15th Dec at 6pm. 9.00 am. At Glenorie Mission Church, 1409 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie. 10.00am. - Tuesdays 7.30pm Christmas Day Service: Sunday Service: Study Bible News from St Benedict’s By Judy Horton Family Christmas Party New pews St Benedict’s Christmas Celebratio­ns On Friday 16 November we had a family Christmas celebratio­n at the St Benedict’s Parish Centre with dancing, prizes, food and festivitie­s. Thank to organisers Paula and Sandra and all the kind people who helped with this successful and happy event. St Benedict’s has had a makeover with the installati­on of some real wooden pews that have been donated to the church. Christmas services begin with children’s mass at 7pm on Christmas Eve in the Parish Centre. Later, at 11:45pm, we’ll have Christmas carols followed by Midnight Mass. Christmas Day masses will be at 7am in the Monastery Chapel and 9am in the Parish Centre. The Messiah A performanc­e of Handel’s Messiah by an ecumenical choir will be held at the Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral 23 Yardley Avenue Waitara at 8pm. Proceeds will go to the Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter. Cost $30 or at the door (subject to availabili­ty). Playgroup Happy revellers at the St Benedicts Christmas celebratio­n Don’t forget our St Benedict’s playgroup meets every Monday morning in school terms. Please contact Sandra 0410587735 if you would like to join us. Weekend Mass Times Next year’s St Benedict’s fete St. Benedict’s Catholic Church Arcadia; Mass at the Monastery, 121 Arcadia Rd, Arcadia, at 7 am every morning. Mass at the Parish Centre, Corner Fagans Rd & Arcadia Rd 7 pm Saturday, 9 am Sunday. Wil be held on Sunday March 10 2019. Mark the date in your diary now! LICENSED PLUMBER, DRAINER, GASFITTER & LPG ALL MAINTENANC­E, WATER LEAKS & BLOCKED DRAINS HOT WATER SYSTEMS & BACKFLOW PREVENTION Family Business Est 30 Years Lic. No 151540C 0410 568 704 ✆ david@pikesplumb­ December 2018 | Galston Community News Read online at www.galstoncom­ 46

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