Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural News : 2018-12-01

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Gardening BROMELIAD SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA Budgerigar Society of N S W Inc. Hills Branch by Dianne J Tulloch by Ray Galbraith Opportunit­y to Buy Beautiful Bromeliads for Christmas for Christmas as Membership to the Bromeliad Society of Australia is just $30 for the first year than $25 annually. If you would like to arrange a membership please contact the membership secretary on email:MembSec@ or just come along to a couple of meetings and see if our club what you are looking for. Last month was the annual Night at the Flicks, for Hills Branch. Nola and Bruce Bradford (Budgerigar Society Photograph­er ), came along to the branch with a visual presentati­on of the 2018 National Title birds. Members and visitors had the opportunit­y to appraise these birds, along with past years National Winning Birds. Know the Variety; – Grey body colour, Dark Grey wing edged with black, Black tail, Black eye with white iris. – Yellow or White body, Wings and tail to match body colour, Black eye with white iris. – Lutino Yellow body, Yellow wings and tail, Red eye with white iris. NB Yellow colouring to be similar to buttercup. Best In Show – F,C & J McGovern. Credit: M Freakley • Budgies have hollow bones which are filled with air sacks to aid flight. BSA meetings include interestin­g guest speakers, plant sales, club news, raffles and competitio­ns as well as providing an opportunit­y to meet with like-minded people in a friendly and inviting environmen­t. Contact Ian Hook – mobile 0408 202 269, email: Visit website: www.bromeliad. • Normal Grey At the recent Penrith Branch Annual Show held at Riverston, Hills Branch were well represente­d. Phil Ashby was awarded Champion Novice, after winning both the Cock and Hen Major Awards for Novice Status. This opportunit­y is taken by Hills Branch President Daniel Childs to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable Festive Season; and hope to see you in 2019 at a Hills Meeting. The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their final meeting for the year on Saturday, 8 December at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground with plant sales commencing at 11am with members of the public welcome, prior to the meeting at 12.30pm. Access is via the new Showground entrance off Showground Road into Doran Drive, Castle Hill with plenty of parking on site. Why not consider a membership for a friend or family • Black Eyed Self • Red Eyed Self Budgie Facts for this month; Budgies can move each eye independen­tly of each other and see out of each eye independen­tly. This is called monocular vision. • Like cats when they purr, budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and feeling relaxed. Care to be part of a hobby that can be enjoyed by an individual, partnershi­p or family, then contact should be made with Peter Dodd, by telephonin­g9888-5631 or BUY DIRECT FROM THE QUARRY ROUGH SQUARED BLOCKS GABION SPALLS Great for Baskets or Creek Beds $16.50 tonne min. quantities apply $385/pallet, 4m2 113 Smallwood Road (off Halcrows Rd) Glenorie NSW 2157 www.sandstones­ December 2018 | Galston Community News Read online at www.galstoncom­ 52

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