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Community News

COMMUNITY NEWS Galston Shopping Precinct Upgrades 2020-21 By Pres. Sonja Cameron At our meeting held on the 25th October at the Galston club we invited members and guests to listen and participat­e in discussion­s about the Galston shopping precinct. • Playground and youth activities • Collaborat­ion between precinct owners • Cohesive approach and encouragin­g employment with improved public transport. CWA News O CWA of NSW - Galston Branch would like to thank all of the junior bakers who participat­ed in The Land Cookery Competitio­n on UR FIRST SPEAKER The meeting was opened to the floor with ideas of how the community wants to see Galston: was Fiona Robbe, local resident and landscape architect, who presented past design ideas with traffic and pedestrian solutions with unique ideas to make Galston a rural village with atmosphere. Hornsby Council General Manager, Steve Head, presented the need to improve Galston with pedestrian safety and traffic management, which is imperative in the new plans. Hornsby Shire Councillor Warren Waddell, spoke about the need to ignite discussion­s and the need to engage the community and make public and private space work together for a better Galston Village. There were many more thoughts on the night but everyone at the meeting was in agreement in wanting to see improvemen­ts for this community space. The council has received four tenders and the process continues through 2019 with further community consultati­on and collaborat­ion. The designs will be produced by mid-2019 and constructi­on during 2020-2021. An exciting time for the Galston Village, so keep up to date on further meetings. Thursday 8th November. Congratula­tions to the under 12’s placegette­rs who presented the best Decorated Butter Biscuits, as decided by CWA and Sydney Royal Easter Show judge Robyn Kidd. • Traffic management plan including slow traffic and make it safer to cross the road, angled parking and slip road. Access to public toilets Pedestrian safety A hitching rail for horses Bike racks and cycleways Improved Library to include IT hub and better services Coach parking Local shops = local employment Green spaces and community gardens Improved disabled parking and easier access to the shops • 1st Place - Lachlan Edwards • 2nd Place - Caitlin Ahmed • 3rd Place - Cameron Truelove • • • • • Entries were judged on their taste, appearance, texture, presentati­on, and precision to the recipe. The kids did so well to put their creations out there and receive the feedback offered by Robyn. • • CWA Galston branch meets monthly at the Galston Health & Resource Centre. Our next meeting is Wednesday 12th December. Visitors are most welcome, for further details please contact Jann 0439 222 217 or Pam 9653 1036. Visit our facebook page - Facebook for Arcadia & Galston 2159 Residents Associatio­n https:// • • Email - ProudlyArc­adian@ ArcadiaHis­ HealthSens­e PHARMACY Kakada Tham B.Pharm. M.P.S. Ph: 9653 1104 354 Galston Road, Galston Family-Friendly Dental Practice in Round Corner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Crowns & Bridges and more! Call us now for an appointmen­t on (02) 9651 1806 Suite 1, Round Corner Plaza Online bookings available @ www.roundcorne­ CLINICAL NATUROPATH­Y Complement­ary health care for the whole family. acne, eczema, psoriasis female and male reproducti­ve, BPH, menopause. indigestio­n, acid reflux, IBS, IDB. environmen­tal and food. anxiety and depression. recurrent UTIs, cystitis. prevention, recovery and post-viral syndrome. • Skin Conditions: • Hormonal Imbalances: Galston healthsens­e Pharmacy Team is caring and friendly We will listen and provide you with the most appropriat­e healthcare advice Just call in and experience our special caring service Phone 9653 1104 Open 7 days a week Stockists of Natio, Blackmores and Bullivant Vitamins • Digestive disorders: • Allergies: • Mood: • Urinary: • Viruses: • Pain Management Pathology testing available. Hi-CAPS ready for instant private health rebates. Call today for an appointmen­t. 0419 611 638 www.galstonnat­uropathicm­ December20­18 | GalstonCom­munityNews Read online at www.galstoncom­ 6

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