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An­gel wing jas­mine (Jas­minum ni­tidum)

3m 2m Gen­tle, twin­ing ev­er­green climber with clus­ters of fra­grant, white flow­ers from spring to au­tumn.

Azores jas­mine (Jas­minum azoricum)

6m 6m Ev­er­green climb­ing shrub with deep green leaves and fra­grant, white flow­ers through sum­mer.

Win­ter jas­mine (Jas­minum nudi orum)

3m 3m De­cid­u­ous, sprawl­ing shrub can be trained as a climber, with fra­grant, yel­low flow­ers in win­ter on bare branches.

Var­ie­gated star jas­mine (Trach­e­losper­mum jas­mi­noides ‘Tri­colour’)

3m 3m Grown for its var­ie­gated leaves, tinged with white, yel­low and pink, rather than flow­ers. A top ground­cover or clipped plant.

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