Moun­tain pep­per ( Tas­man­nia lance­o­lata)

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Moun­tain or na­tive pep­per is the iconic

Tas­ma­nian bush food. A small, sub­alpine dioe­cious tree, it is an at­trac­tive ad­di­tion to the gar­den if kept moist but well drained. It fea­tures shiny, dark green leaves and bright red new growth, and is cov­ered with black pep­per berries. The leaves, flow­ers and berries are all ed­i­ble and very hot! The plant’s ac­tive chem­i­cal, poly­go­dial, also has an­tibac­te­rial, an­ti­fun­gal and in­sec­ti­ci­dal prop­er­ties. 2–6m 1–3m

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