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Marsh­mal­low was a two-year-old Si­amese cat when he was re-homed with a new fam­ily. He was a lit­tle bit cheeky, but loved sleep­ing the day away. His new own­ers de­cided he needed men­tal stim­u­la­tion, and be­ing a cat didn’t mean he couldn’t learn some com­mands. They started slowly, in­tro­duc­ing a word for food time and an­other for pats. They then in­tro­duced ‘sit’, us­ing a firm hand to guide his bot­tom to the ground and treat­ing him with yummy salmon. They con­tin­ued his ba­sic train­ing ev­ery day, three or four times a day, for about two months, un­til he had th­ese down pat. Next came ‘drop’ and ‘roll over’, which was a lit­tle harder be­cause he would stop half­way for tummy scratches, and he’s now work­ing on ‘shake hands’. His own­ers make each ses­sion short, fun and var­ied. They also made sure they had lots of favourite, strong-smelling treats on hand for his re­wards. So have some fun get­ting creative with your cat this week­end!

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