He was man’s best friend ... briefly

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I had a dog once.

It lasted for three days. Or about that long.

I can’t re­ally re­mem­ber. I was too busy cry­ing.

To ruin the sus­pense ... no, I didn’t kill my dog. And no, it didn’t run away.

It was much worse than that.

As a kid, all I wanted was to have a dog of my own.

An only child needs a trusty com­pan­ion, some­one to tackle the world with. All that kinda cute stuff that makes you go awwwwww.

So I was grin­ning from ear to ear when Mum and Dad said they would let me get my own pup.

We jumped in the car and drove all the way up to Bendigo.

We’d cho­sen to get a Grif- fon, a cute pug-type dog.

Be­fore we got to the breed­ers, we went to the shop and bought ev­ery­thing a tiny lit­tle dog would need.

We got the com­fi­est bed, a nice dog bowl and a lead so I could take him for walks.

“He’s called Har­ley,” the breeder said when we got in the door. And there he was with all his lit­tle mates. My heart felt full. I loved him. We took him home and set him up in the laun­dry to start his puppy life in the Reynolds fam­ily. I took him for a walk and he was that smart he slipped his head through the col­lar and just stood there. He didn’t run away, he just looked up happy at his achieve­ment. Then the night came. He cried all night from miss­ing his brothers and sis­ters. It was hard to lis­ten to him so sad. Mum was up the next morn­ing cook­ing him chicken breast and rice. The breeder said he couldn’t eat dog food and it had to be spe­cially cooked. His food was pre­pared fresher than ours.

Two days later, and Mum had had enough.

She couldn’t han­dle the sad­ness of his cry­ing.

“We’re tak­ing him back,” Mum said to me af­ter I came home from school one day.

I sat with Har­ley in the laun­dry and cried my lit­tle eyes out.

Mum has a heart of gold and didn’t want Har­ley to be sad. So she shat­tered me in­stead!

So we drove him back to Bendigo for an­other fam­ily to have.

Har­ley would still be around to­day. He’d be a ripe old age by now.

Some­times I al­ways wonder about what hap­pened to my puppy pal. It was only three days, but I still miss him.

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