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“NEVER cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink. Though I guess that pre­sup­poses that there is a wine I wouldn’t drink.” Lev Gross­man, The Ma­gi­cians WHEN you’re young it’s hard to lis­ten to ad­vice that will only ben­e­fit you when you’re old.

A few days ago I read in the news that drink­ing an ex­tra glass of wine a day will shorten your life ex­pectancy by 30 min­utes.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I hope to live a long, healthy and happy life, but I didn’t feel too alarmed when I read that head­line.

What would I even do with that ex­tra 30 min­utes?

An ex­tra game of bingo at the nurs­ing home?

Not to men­tion I hap­pen to re­ally en­joy drink­ing wine, so giv­ing up half an hour of my time to have an ex­tra glass a day for the rest of my life seems like a pretty good deal.

But these al­co­hol stud­ies aren’t telling us we will lit­er­ally bite the dust a few min­utes ear­lier if we keep up that dan­ger­ous wine habit.

In­stead, what they are re­ally say­ing is drink­ing even a lit­tle al­co­hol in­creases our chance of get­ting re­ally sick, es­pe­cially when we’re older. Even so, my lat­ter years seem so far away that it’s hard to con­sider them when I’m de­cid­ing whether to have one more drop of red. I also find it eas­ier to pay at­ten­tion to those other stud­ies that tell me drink­ing a lit­tle booze can ac­tu­ally be good for you. Some­one should buy those sci­en­tists a beer. What does mo­ti­vate me a bit bet­ter is if I think about the im­pact on my friends and fam­ily if I ended up in bad health, or worse. In the end, it’s pretty com­mon sense that drink­ing too much — like too much of any­thing, re­ally — can have unwelcome con­se­quences. I guess the take­away mes­sage is your near­est and dear­est will thank you if you look af­ter your­self.

Most of us are lucky not to suf­fer from se­ri­ous, de­bil­i­tat­ing al­co­hol prob­lems but many of us are putting our fu­ture health at risk.

We can’t as­sume we’ll be one of the lucky ones who seem to drink a fair bit and get away with it, like my grand­fa­ther who is go­ing strong at 90 and still puts away whole bot­tles of shi­raz at a time.

If you’re wor­ried you could be drink­ing a bit too much, the best bet is to con­sult a pro­fes­sional such as your lo­cal GP.

You can also call the free Na­tional Al­co­hol and Other Drug hot­line on 1800 250 015.

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