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SOME day, I’d like to have enough faith to vote La­bor again — not that the State Op­po­si­tion is in­spir­ing much con­fi­dence at present.

Fact is, I come from a long line of dyed-in-the-wool La­bor sup­port­ers, work­ing class bat­tlers who suf­fered through the Great De­pres­sion, two World Wars and worked at what­ever they could get in tough times to keep their fam­i­lies fed and a roof over their heads.

When all else was lost to the work­ing man, the straight-talk­ing La­bor move­ment was al­ways there, of­fer­ing hope and a glim­mer of light at the end of the day.

Sadly to­day’s party is a mere shadow of its for­mer self, the Vic­to­rian La­bor gov­ern­ment dom­i­nated by so­cial­ist leftie yup­pies who be­lieve it’s OK to take part in a mass rally dur­ing a global pan­demic and the hu­man rights of those re­fus­ing COVID-19 tests out­weigh the hu­man rights and well­be­ing of ev­ery other per­son in the state.

How on earth did we get to this? Sure this once-in-a-life­time pan­demic is a mas­sive chal­lenge to gov­ern­ments not just in this coun­try but around the world — which makes it even more im­por­tant that if you ever put your hand up for the job of gov­ern­ment, you best be pre­pared to deal with what­ever comes your way and not make a dog’s break­fast of it.

In Vic­to­ria, we’ve seen it all in re­cent months, a se­ries of gov­ern­ment blun­ders that have now re­sulted in Mel­bourne and the Mitchell Shire go­ing back into lock­down.

Yet dur­ing the week, in­stead of tak­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity for the mind-bog­gling in­com­pe­tence, Premier Daniel An­drews chose to blame or­di­nary Vic­to­ri­ans.

“We all know some­one who is not obey­ing the rules,” he preached.

Yes Dan, so do we!

Try the 10,000 Black Lives Mat­ter demon­stra­tors you al­lowed to flood the streets of Mel­bourne while at the same time fin­ing other Vic­to­ri­ans for breach­ing so­cial dis­tanc­ing rules. We will never know just how many who at­tended that rally later tested pos­i­tive for COVID-19.

My bet is the lid has well and truly been shut on that one.

And any sug­ges­tion the gov­ern­ment could not have had a de­cent go at pre­vent­ing the rally is non­sense, given the same gov­ern­ment man­aged to im­prison 3000 res­i­dents in their high-rise homes for five days and now has po­lice road­blocks in place. To con­tinue de­flect­ing to a ju­di­cial in­quiry as an ex­cuse for not an­swer­ing ques­tions re­gard­ing dodgy se­cu­rity staff placed in charge of ho­tel quar­an­tine; the Cedar Meats de­ba­cle; and pig-headed re­luc­tance to take up the of­fer of ADF per­son­nel is pa­thetic.

In­stead, we have seen air­line staff man­ag­ing ho­tel quar­an­tine, an al­ready over­stretched po­lice force guard­ing res­i­dents in hous­ing tow­ers and fire­fight­ers de­liv­er­ing meals.

In an edi­to­rial on Thurs­day, for­mer fed­eral La­bor leader Bill Shorten tried to smooth the wa­ters, con­ced­ing there were, how­ever, “a few peo­ple lin­ing up to give Premier Daniel An­drews a whack over his han­dling of the cri­sis”.

“A few?” You’ve got to be kid­ding, haven’t you, Bill?

Clearly Mr Shorten is obliv­i­ous to the pro­found wide­spread anger and frus­tra­tion among the broader com­mu­nity.

And who can blame them?

Sure, the folk of Mel­bourne and Mitchell Shire will cop the new lock­down; they have no choice. But the fact re­mains with proper man­age­ment in the first place, it need never have hap­pened.

There is no doubt we will all get through this, but it would cer­tainly help if the Vic­to­rian gov­ern­ment ac­cepted re­spon­si­bil­ity for drop­ping the ball, in­stead of blam­ing the kid who handed it to them, hop­ing they would keep it safe.

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