In­con­sis­tent ball po­si­tion with a driver

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Many am­a­teurs fail to tee the ball up in the same po­si­tion twice in a row – or, for that mat­ter, at the same height in re­la­tion to the turf. And when you vary your tee height and ball po­si­tion, your driv­ing pat­terns be­come more er­ratic.

This hap­pens be­cause the club is e ec­tively trav­el­ling in a cir­cle, so vary­ing ball po­si­tions mean it will ‘col­lect’ the ball at di er­ent heights, on a di er­ent path and with a di er­ent face an­gle. Even just an inch of vari­a­tion can make a di er­ence.

Your ideal ball po­si­tion, in har­mony with the de­sign of the driver, places the ball 1-2 inches in­side the lead heel. Use this two-stage drill to get on top of this is­sue.

Step 2: Move trail foot

To cre­ate your ideal stance width, leave your lead foot where it is and pull your trail foot away un­til its in­step is un­der your trail shoul­der. This sets your ball po­si­tion con­sis­tently.

Works for all clubs

This drill gives ball po­si­tion con­sis­tency through the bag. Just pull that trail foot away less far as the club gets shorter to put you more on top of the ball with the lofted irons.

Er­ratic im­pact

Tee­ing the ball up in dif­fer­ent po­si­tions sees im­pact hap­pen at vary­ing points along the club’s arc and on dif­fer­ent parts of the face. It forces in­con­sis­tency with the im­pact path and face an­gle.

Step 1: Lead foot for­ward

Place your feet to­gether, the ball in the V of the toes. Check the top of the driver is op­po­site the ball’s equa­tor. Keep your weight 50-50. Now move your lead foot 1-2in to­wards the tar­get.

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