Keep­ing your head down... and stalling the re­lease of the club

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Al­though this is golf’s most com­mon tip, golfers hardly ever ac­tu­ally lift their heads. If the head level does rise it’s far more likely to be due to is­sues with flex­i­bil­ity or hit­ting too hard. But the tip is so in­grained that many golfers still obey it. Alas, it causes only re­stricted mo­tion and weak shots. In­stead, think more of let­ting your head ro­tate with the club through im­pact.

Let your head ro­tate

In­stead of try­ing to keep your head down, al­low your eyes to fol­low the club­head. This adds free­dom and flu­id­ity to your move through the ball, giv­ing a se­ries of im­por­tant ben­e­fits.

Im­proved ro­ta­tion

If your head turns through, you free your chest and shoul­ders to ro­tate – note how my ster­num faces the club­head at this stage. The body’s bigger role adds power & you’re less handsy.

Down and out

Try­ing too hard to keep your head down means your up­per body is un­able to ro­tate, so you are flat-footed and side-on to the tar­get. It forces a handsy, flippy re­lease of the club and pro­duces weak, high shots.

More ex­ten­sion

With the chest and core freed up to ro­tate you can clear your lead side bet­ter. That gives room to ex­tend the arms and club fur­ther down the line, adding power and di­rec­tion.

Shal­lower at­tack

Mov­ing your head like this will al­low you to col­lect the ball with a shal­lower at­tack an­gle. Keep­ing your chin down tends to see the arms swing down at the ball on an over­steep path.

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