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Pick­ing the best wedges for your game is an ex­cit­ing, al­beit some­times daunt­ing, ex­pe­ri­ence thanks to the range of high qual­ity op­tions avail­able. The bounce and head de­sign are in­deed cru­cial as­pects of wedge per­for­mance, but the lofts you se­lect and the gaps be­tween them are just as im­por­tant but are of­ten over­looked by av­er­age golfers.

With iron lofts con­sis­tently get­ting stronger in re­cent years, one of the first points of call when set­ting your wedge gaps is find­ing out the loft of your pitch­ing wedge, which can vary by as much as six de­grees within some brands.

It is al­ways best to aim for even gaps be­tween each wedge, prefer­ably be­tween four to six de­grees, tak­ing into ac­count your swing type, green­side shots you like to hit and com­mon course con­di­tions when se­lect­ing the bounce and sole grind.

The next step is de­cid­ing how many wedges you wish to carry – a de­ci­sion that is in­flu­enced by the num­ber of clubs you have at the other end of your bag. Whether you like to make full swings with wedges or hit a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent dis­tances with each wedge will also in­flu­ence this de­ci­sion.

Ideally, with proper loft spac­ing, you will have a dis­tance gap of around 10 me­tres be­tween each wedge.

If your pitch­ing wedge car­ries 46° of loft, and you like to make full swings as well as hav­ing nu­mer­ous op­tions when pitch­ing and chip­ping, an ideal four wedge setup might be 46°-50°-54°-58°. How­ever, an­other player with the same pitch­ing wedge loft but a pref­er­ence for less wedges could eas­ily carry 46°-52°-58°.

While even loft spac­ing should help de­liver con­sis­tent dis­tances be­tween each wedge, this isn’t a guar­an­tee, so test­ing new wedges (prefer­ably with the golf ball you typ­i­cally use) on a launch mon­i­tor is a great way to en­sure you have the right com­bi­na­tion of lofts. And like so many other parts of golf, there is no right or wrong in choos­ing the cor­rect wedge setup, which is best achieved as part of a club fit­ting.

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