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What mean­ing do you place on what you are think­ing about stress? This is the ba­sis of mind­ful­ness and is bring­ing to your aware­ness your cur­rent think­ing around stress. This is the first step to mak­ing a change. It is that sim­ple.

In the next ar­ti­cle, I will share with you a sim­ple four step process for chang­ing your per­cep­tion of stress, which can then change your ex­pe­ri­ence of it. The process is all about you rewrit­ing your own script to make stress re­lease its hold on you, mov­ing from your aware­ness of stress think­ing and mean­ing, to re­draft­ing a new way to think about stress. This will change the mean­ing you place on stress.

Dr Suzanne Hen­wood is an Associate Professor in Health and So­cial Sciences. She is also a Mas­ter Trainer of mBIT (Mul­ti­ple Brain In­te­gra­tion Tech­niques) and can be con­tacted via her web­site.

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