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You’ve been get­ting pretty heavy with the the­ory stuff of late. I’m look­ing over some re­cent is­sues and your How Mu­sic Works cover, this month’s Clas­si­cal The­ory les­son, var­i­ous mode and chord ar­ti­cles – not to men­tion Shaun Bax­ter’s on­go­ing Cre­ative Rock col­umn – have been pretty in­tense. I won­der if you shouldn’t lighten things up a lit­tle, for those of us not at such a high stan­dard as the people these fea­tures were clearly in­tended for. I know I could buy ‘eas­ier’ gui­tar mag­a­zines, but I like the way Gui­tar Tech­niques is pre­sented, plus I re­spect your tu­tors and the way they teach; so could you just go a lit­tle eas­ier on those of us that love the mag but are eas­ily scared? James, Hert­ford­shire My ex­pe­ri­ence of edit­ing gui­tar mag­a­zines tells me that people of­ten mis­con­strue what’s on the cover, as be­ing what the en­tire mag­a­zine is all about. Yes, those ar­ti­cles don’t pull any punches but, to be hon­est, the­ory is the­ory; all gui­tarists are go­ing to need it at some point, and we try to present it in as easy-to-digest man­ner as pos­si­ble. Even if How Mu­sic Works or Clas­si­cal Har­mony might have seemed slightly in­tim­i­dat­ing, the truth is that they are both straight­for­ward con­cepts. If you took a lit­tle time to read them, and play the pieces set down to il­lus­trate each idea, your mu­si­cal knowl­edge would ex­pand, things you al­ready do but don’t un­der­stand the rea­sons why they work, and your abil­ity solve all kinds of mu­si­cal prob­lems, will grow hugely. And re­mem­ber, we al­ways back up fea­tures like these with ac­ces­si­ble ‘sound alike’ ar­ti­cles, easy-to-play licks and gen­er­ally more ba­sic con­cepts. So please don’t dis­miss an en­tire is­sue if one fea­ture – even the cover fea­ture – seems a bit daunt­ing; look in­side and there’s al­ways a wealth of bril­liant stuff for intermediate play­ers ( Twist & Shout be­ing a great ex­am­ple). And any­way, even if you don’t ‘com­pletely get it’ now, put the ar­ti­cles aside and re­turn to them when you feel ready to take such con­cepts on­board.


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