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I’ve loved GT for a while now. My only prob­lem is that I don’t re­ally have friends that play. I’m not in a band ei­ther and so I don’t re­ally have the chance to bounce ideas off people, or get them to help me when I’m stuck. It’s like with my kids – if they find some­thing won’t go in when do­ing their home­work, I can look at it too and per­haps ex­plain things in a way that makes sense. So I’d re­ally like a sort of ‘me’ that helps out from time to time. I’ve been won­der­ing about a gui­tar teacher for a while now, but I won­der if they’d think I’m wast­ing their time – for in­stance, I sort of get the ‘How Mu­sic Works’ ar­ti­cle, but I’d love to sit down with some­one that could go through it with me and plug the holes that I haven’t quite man­aged to fill. Am I wast­ing my time or do you think a teacher would go along with it? Dom, Wake­field This ties nicely into James’s ques­tion, Dom. I com­pletely get your po­si­tion on this, and I’m sure any gui­tar teacher worth his or her salt would too. Think of it as a bit like a man­ual for a multi-FX unit: if you’re any­thing like me they are al­most al­ways in­com­pre­hen­si­ble; but get a mate to show you how his works, and it all falls into place quickly and eas­ily. We know that a lot of gui­tar teach­ers use GT as a medium with which to sup­ple­ment their lessons; many are happy to ac­cept short-term stu­dents, and even people that just want as­sis­tance with one facet of tech­nique or the­ory. I’d bet your lo­cal teacher (check out would be happy to work through any big GT fea­ture with you un­til you’ve cracked it. Who knows, you might find the whole ex­pe­ri­ence so ful­fill­ing that you book up for a whole se­ries!

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