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[In­tro: Bars 1– 4] It is well worth ex­am­in­ing the fin­ger­ing and pick­ing pat­tern for the open­ing riff. This part is re­peated many times through­out the track so start slow and de­velop an eco­nomic tech­nique that you can play in­stinc­tively. The ham­mer-on and pull-off from C# to D and back again is a key fea­ture and this needs to be crisp. Make sure you ham­mer your fin­ger down to sound the D and then pull off as op­posed to sim­ply lift­ing the fin­ger up to sound the C#. [Verse 1: Bars 5-12] The lead line in bar 10 is orig­i­nally played by gui­tar 2 but we’ve in­cluded in the tran­scrip­tion as it’s a prom­i­nent fea­ture and not too tricky to get in. If you’d like to play a solo acous­tic ver­sion with­out lead lines then just sub­sti­tute this for the part from bar 6.

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