Guitar Techniques - - Eric Clapton: Tears In Heaven -

[Cho­rus 1: Bars 13-18] This sec­tion uses ef­fec­tive voice leading to cre­ate smooth tran­si­tions be­tween the chords. Fol­low the fin­ger­ings in the no­ta­tion to en­sure your own chord changes are smooth and fuss free. [Link 1: Bars 19–22] This sec­tion links cho­rus 1 to verse 2 and is a re­peat of the in­tro. Take the re­peat mark­ings back bar 5 for verse 2. [Verse 2 & Cho­rus 2: Bars 23–36] These sec­tions are re­peats of verse 1 and cho­rus 1. Eric would in­vari­ably add per­sonal twists on these when play­ing live, so feel free (once you’ve learnt it well) to add your own stamp. Take the sec­ond time bar, which uses a link with a lead line to take us to the bridge. [Link 2: Bars 37- 40] This sec­tion is sim­i­lar to link 1 but a lit­tle busier.

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