VARIATION8 II mi­nor - Vs & ‘Wy­ble’ dou­ble-stop chords

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Big Band, Jazz & Swing -

EJimmy Wy­ble was a gui­tarist equally at home with both coun­try and jazz styles. He pi­o­neered a method of comp­ing that in­volved switch­ing be­tween dif­fer­ent frag­ments of a sin­gle chord shape to cre­ate the im­pres­sion of mov­ing har­mony. He’s a ma­jor in­flu­ence on cur­rent heavy­weights such as Lage Lund, Howard Alden and Sid Ja­cobs, so his style is wor­thy of our at­ten­tion here. In this sim­pli­fied vari­a­tion we’re ap­proach­ing our jazz blues with the be­bop IIm V method we ini­tially looked at in vari­a­tion #4, al­though here we’re break­ing each chord down into two- note dou­ble-stops on non­ad­ja­cent strings (fourth and sec­ond, and third and first). In bar 94 we spot a ‘ tri­tone’ IIm V sub­sti­tu­tion move (Ebm9 Ab13), a IIm V se­quence three tones away from the reg­u­lar IIm V in the home key (Am7 D7) that you might usu­ally ex­pect to find lurk­ing around this area of a 12- bar se­quence.

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