VARIATION7 ‘Big Band’ Block Chords

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Big Band, Jazz & Swing -

Block chords - usu­ally thought of as voic­ings that move by spe­cific dis­tances, and gen­er­ally in par­al­lel - are a fea­ture found fre­quently in big band horn sec­tion writ­ing. The poly­phonic na­ture of the gui­tar al­lows us to im­i­tate this re­mark­ably sim­ple but equally ef­fec­tive de­vice by mov­ing spe­cific chord shapes around the fret­board, whole­sale, to out­line a high melodic fig­ure, in this in­stance har­monised in four parts. We’re util­is­ing 13th (bars 73-76, 83- 84) and di­min­ished 7th (bars 77-78) voic­ings, pre­dom­i­nantly out­lin­ing a melody pulled straight out of the G blues scale (G Bb C Db D F), al­though our turn­around phrase in bars 83- 85 moves chro­mat­i­cally while the bass notes im­ply I7 VI7 II7 V7.

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