LICK4 speed­ier phras­ing

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Blues -

When he re­ally wants to, Mark can re­ally move about the fret­board. This is the speed­ier end of the Knopfler phras­ing vo­cab­u­lary and comes from D mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (D F G A C). The tricky as­pects here are co­or­di­nat­ing the nifty string cross­ing in bar 1 - a tech­nique that’s eas­ier with fin­ger­style than when wield­ing a plec­trum - and the rapid triplet rakes in bar 5. I per­son­ally find the note leading into the fi­nal bend in this ex­am­ple eas­ier to ex­e­cute with a ham­mer- on from nowhere, lit­er­ally driv­ing the third fin­ger onto the fret­board with no pick­ing what­so­ever.

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