Ex­am­ple6(seeGT225/6forEx­am­ples1-5) ba­sic lick

Guitar Techniques - - Allen Hinds Part 3 Learning Zone -

This ex­am­ple is based on D Mixoly­dian (D E F# G A B C) and all the fol­low­ing play­ing stays within this tonal­ity as well. The licks be­gin with a frag­ment of a fairly com­mon de­scend­ing se­quence. Make sure you choose a fin­ger­ing that works for you and stick with it (if you’re stuck, watch Allen’s fin­gers for ideas). No­tice that a slight change of po­si­tion is built into this lick, just be­fore the jump from the third string to the first. Make sure the tim­ing of the quavers (8th notes) is even through­out, even when there’s fur­ther space be­tween two notes, as is the case when skip­ping strings. So, once you have the ba­sic lick down, try ex­pand­ing on it, play­ing it in dif­fer­ent parts of the scale and ‘echo­ing’ it in var­i­ous ways around the neck.

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