Ex­am­ple6 Im­pro­vi­sa­tion on an idea

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Video -

In this im­pro­vi­sa­tion, we start by demon­strat­ing the ba­sic form of the lick, played in time – as quavers (8th notes). Then we mir­ror it, just one scale step higher, keep­ing it per­fectly di­a­tonic to D Mixoly­dian but achiev­ing a dif­fer­ent set of fin­ger­ing po­si­tions, still end­ing on D to make sure the key’s tonal­ity comes across clearly. We then play the same lick an­other scale step higher, again end­ing on D. Fi­nally, the same lick gets played as semi- quavers (16th notes), again mov­ing up one scale step at the end. See how mov­ing up through the scale gives you dif­fer­ent sets of in­ter­vals and there­fore fin­ger­ings.

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