Ex­am­ple7 bluesy IM­PRO­VI­SA­TION with speed bursts

Guitar Techniques - - Allen Hinds Part 3 Learning Zone -

EAllen starts by set­ting the tone with a neat blues lick, af­ter which the same phrase is played slowly in quavers (8th notes). We then re­peat the lick twice us­ing semi­qua­vers (16th notes), adding a twist at the end – Allen pulls off from 14th fret of the first string, down to the 12th, then 10th, and ends on the root (D). He then plays a slightly mod­i­fied and much speed­ier ver­sion, show­ing how this type of lick can be used as an ex­cit­ing ‘burst’ of notes. Fi­nally, we de­velop the pat­tern us­ing var­i­ous parts of the same scale, some­times only re­tain­ing frag­ments of the orig­i­nal idea. Don’t for­get to ex­per­i­ment with other com­bi­na­tions as the per­mu­ta­tions are end­less. What starts out as a bunch of ex­er­cises can, with a lit­tle work, be­come a whole new lick bag.

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