Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

Ex­am­ples 5-7 in­volve two-string lat­eral mo­tion on the top two strings. Ex 5 starts in shape 2, be­fore shift­ing up to shape 3; then de­scends through shapes 2 and 1. The two-hand tapped com­bi­na­tion in bar 18 shifts from the sec­ond string to the first then back to the sec­ond, be­fore slid­ing on the first fin­ger up to the next po­si­tion and re­peat­ing the same prin­ci­ple. Vis­ually, if con­tin­ued up the length of the neck, this mo­tion traces out a shape sim­i­lar to the teeth in a comb. By slid­ing down the neck with the first fin­ger each time, this ‘comb-teeth’ com­bi­na­tion can also be used as a means of de­scend­ing. As usual, all ba­sic move­ments can be em­bel­lished in var­i­ous ways. Here, each 17-note mo­tif com­prises a ba­sic nine-note mo­tif (notes 1- 8 and notes 15-17) that has been ex­panded by a six-note ‘insert’ (notes 9-14). Try see­ing how many other ways you can ex­pand the ba­sic move­ment with your own in­serts.

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