Guitar Techniques - - Left & Right Hand Tapping Learning Zone -

Our fi­nal ex­am­ple starts be­tween shapes 2 and 3 of the un­der­ly­ing A mi­nor scale(s). The fret­ting and pick­ing-hand com­bi­na­tion in bar 26 is an ex­pan­sion of the ‘cas­tle-wall’ mo­tion; here a dou­ble tap has been in­serted on the first string each time (via the third and fourth notes: ex­pand­ing the orig­i­nal 16note mo­tif to an 18-note one). Try ex­per­i­ment­ing with other ways in which you can ex­pand the ba­sic ‘cas­tle-wall’ move­ment us­ing your own in­serts.

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