Ex­Am­pLE larry carl­ton style solo

Guitar Techniques - - Larry Carlton Style -

[Bars 29-33] this is a typ­i­cal blues-rock gm pen­ta­tonic lick to fin­ish. make sure the bends are ac­cu­rate and the triplet tim­ing is played cor­rectly. Note how the penul­ti­mate two notes add a hint of jazz­i­ness to things by us­ing the maj 6th of C (the A note) over the C9b5 chord (this has the mo­men­tary over­all ef­fect of turn­ing that chord into a C13#11) fol­lowed by the b5 (gb) be­fore re­solv­ing on the Bb note (b3rd) over the fi­nal gm chord.

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