Jam tracks tips

Use these tips to nav­i­gate our bonus back­ing tracks.

Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

1. Swing­ing 12-bar with jazzy turn­around in A

This month’s tracks lend them­selves su­perbly to our cover sub­ject: the mi­nor pen­ta­tonic scale. We’d like you to go through that les­son then use what you’ve learned to ap­ply new ideas – not your same old ones – to them. Aim to use that scale ex­clu­sively to make great sound­ing mu­sic. It re­ally can be done!

2. Straight ahead 4/4 stomp in A

The mi­nor pen­ta­tonic can get you out of all sorts of scrapes here. Just be sure you tar­get each chord with one of the scale notes that cor­re­sponds with it. It gets trick­ier with the IV chord and even trick­ier with the V, but it’s for your in­ge­nu­ity to fig­ure out how best to nav­i­gate your way through. Re­mem­ber, all those bends, slurs and trills are still all at your dis­posal.

3. Funky reg­gae in Cm

The sim­pler you go on a track like this, the bet­ter. But when sac­ri­fic­ing note quan­tity and lim­it­ing your scale op­tions, you’re left with one thing – feel! Feel also in­cludes note place­ment so, again, en­sure your tar­get­ing is spot on, your bends are ac­cu­rate and your touch mu­si­cal.

4. Medium tempo 12-bar in E

Okay, let’s slip those hand­cuffs off, stretch out a bit and add a few more notes to the pot. Start with the ma­jor 3rd (G#), then bring in the b5th, (Bb), the 6th (C#), and the 9th/2nd (F#). Again, it’s still about tar­get­ing notes – putting the right note in the right place in the right chord. Have fun!

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