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Guitar Techniques - - Intro -

1 G Do­rian tom tom groove This back­ing track fea­tures two chord pro­gres­sions: Gm7-C (with a brief ref­er­ence to F/C be­fore C each time) with a mid­dle sec­tion of Dm7-Bb­maj7-C-Fmaj7. It fin­ishes with an F chord so while it’s in F ma­jor, the ma­jor­ity of your play­ing will be based in G Do­rian (G A Bb C D E F), so use ei­ther this or G mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (G Bb C D F). 2 Funky Clav and Latino Groove in A mi­nor This mostly fea­tures F/A-Am so A mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (A C D E G) or A nat­u­ral mi­nor (A B C D E F G) will both work. The Latino sec­tions are Dm7-Bb­maj7-Am7 so fo­cus on the D mi­nor tonal­ity with ei­ther D mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (D F G A C) or D nat­u­ral mi­nor (D E F G A Bb C) op­tions. A fi­nal E7 links this sec­tion back to the funky clav main groove. 3 Clas­si­cal Big Up groove track in C mi­nor Big or­ches­tral strings and dance per­cus­sion en­hance this re­peat­ing Cm-G7 vamp with Bb/Ab-Ab-Fm6Cm/G-G7 end­ing it each time. Stick with C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic (C Eb F G Bb) or ex­plore how C har­monic mi­nor (C D Eb F G Ab B) can work to en­hance the G7 chord. The more in­tense mid­dle sec­tion fea­tures a C mi­nor vamp so opt for C mi­nor pen­ta­tonic here. 4 Univibe brushes blues in Bb This is a sim­ple 12-bar in the key of Bb (Bb7-Eb7-Bb7-F7-Eb7-Bb7Gb7-F7) pre­sented here in a drums/ bass/gui­tar trio for­mat. Bb may not be your typ­i­cal gui­tar key but is com­mon for piano and sax play­ers and so worth­while hav­ing some chops for! Typ­i­cal mi­nor pen­ta­tonic licks (al­beit in Bb) work well here but aim to play the 3/b7 notes of each chord for jazz­ier op­tions.

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