Tech­nique Fo­cus

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Jazz -

The main thing you ab­so­lutely must get to grips with to play this tune is how to play oc­taves like Wes does it. Since you are not fin­ger-pick­ing the notes separately, but rather strum­ming them with your thumb, the es­sen­tial part to mas­ter is mut­ing un­wanted strings with your re­main­ing fret­ting-hand fin­gers. This can be achieved by prac­tis­ing each for­ma­tion ex­tremely care­fully, metic­u­lously work­ing out a plan with re­gards to which of the fret­ting-hand fin­gers touches and dead­ens which string. Once you have taken the time to ‘pro­gramme’ solid string-mut­ing habits into your fret­ting hand, you will be ready to take off as a fully-fledged oc­tave-soloist.

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