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[Bars 72-86] Here, we go straight into an ‘en­hanced’ oc­tave shape, adding the 5th (Bb) below both oc­tave notes. This be­comes a re­cur­ring shape in the re­main­ing solo­ing and it ’s a great, pow­er­ful one with which to cre­ate riffs around which to solo. I rec­om­mend us­ing first and four th fin­gers to barre third/four th and first/sec­ond strings re­spec­tively. In this pas­sage, Wes whips out some speedy phrases with lots of po­si­tion changes, so make sure you take your time, al­low­ing your­self to ‘pro­gram’ in some good fin­ger­ings and mut­ing habits along the way. Bar 81 sees another great mo­tif, which is re­peated three times, as a call, and then mir­rored on a dif­fer­ent par t of the scale, as a re­sponse, in bar 84. This sec­tion fin­ishes with a clas­sic blues phrase in bar 85, re­peat­edly slid­ing up to the 5th (Bb) and then con­tin­u­ing to bring the ‘blue’ note into play (b5, A) in a tast y se­quen­tial lick in bar 88.

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