Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Video -

[Bars 1- 4] Bernie’s solo star ts out with some phrases that use vol­ume con­trol swells. To achieve this ef­fect, first ham­mer/tap the note with the fret­ting hand, then swell the vol­ume con­trol si­mul­ta­ne­ously with the pick­ing hand. Bernie adds ju­di­cious fin­ger vi­brato and string bend­ing to se­lected notes, and this helps to bring the melody to life and pro­vide a ‘vo­cal’ qualit y. [Bars 5-12] These phrases are con­structed from shape 1 of the A Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale, as no­tated in Ex 1. These bars con­tain clas­sic blues-rock vo­cab­u­lar y and are well worth mem­o­ris­ing. In bar 10, the ideas come from shape 4 of the same scale, with some added notes. The turn­around lick in bar 12 has a slight hint of a pick­ing har­monic added. This sound can come from strik­ing the string with the pick at an an­gle and then al­low­ing some of the flesh of the thumb to brush the string on the way through – of course, Billy F Gib­bons made this a trade­mark.

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