Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Video -

[Bars 25-37] This fi­nal chorus star ts out with some dou­ble-stops. Bernie uses dou­ble-stops to great ef­fect in songs like Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The Cit y. The phrase in bar 27 is a fast flour­ish, and you may need to have a cou­ple of lis­tens to get this one down. Bars 33 and 34 fea­ture some ideas ‘right up there’ in po­si­tion 17, so be care­ful to keep the notes in tune. Good in­to­na­tion can be achieved by en­sur­ing you don’t press too hard, or over-bend the notes (good vi­brato can help too, and Bernie’s is among the best). The solo fin­ishes with a su­per-cool sound­ing string bend, which goes from the root A to the 9th (B).

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