Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Session -

[Bar 24] Another ‘an­swer’ fill, this time more jazz y and us­ing the Ab whole tone scale (Ab Bb C D E Gb) star t to the lick, with the B note on the ‘2 and’ mark­ing the ma­jor 3rd of the G7 chord; it then moves into a de­scend­ing C Aeolian (C D Eb F G Ab Bb) line. [B sec­tion (se­condary melody) bars 25-33] These pre­dom­i­nantly ‘3rds’ dou­ble-stops act as a lit­tle har­monised melody to the chords over which they’re played. En­sure these are played ac­cu­rately – good tim­ing is vi­tal, so that the phrases sit ‘in the pocket ’. Bear in mind that the rhyth­mic 16th-note oc­tave phrase from bars 31-33 is played with the thumb, and re­quires the cor­rect 16th-note based ‘down-up-down-up’ ap­proach to sound right. [Bar 34] This is the pick-up lick into the solo. Played over the G chord, it uses notes from the G Su­per­locrian mode (G Ab Bb Cb (B) Db Eb F).

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