Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Acoustic -

[Bar 1] This pick­ing-hand pat­tern will form the ba­sis of this study, so make sure you are com­fort­able with get­ting it to speed and keep­ing it well timed be­fore pro­gress­ing. Loop­ing this first four-bar se­quence will be great prac­tice if you are new to fin­ger­style play­ing, or if your pick­ing needs work. [Bar 5] You can tr y two dif­fer­ent pick­ing-hand se­quences at the star t of this bar – ei­ther use the thumb (p) fol­lowed by the thumb, first and sec­ond fin­gers to pluck the chord, or star t with the thumb then use the first, sec­ond and third fin­gers to pluck the chord. Ei­ther’s fine: it ’s more a ques­tion of pref­er­ence and what feels com­fort­able. [Bar 13] Har­monic twists and turns are one of the re­ally fun as­pects of Paul Si­mon’s guitar play­ing, and an as­pect that makes him so in­ter­est­ing to lis­ten to. Check out 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover for a re­ally clever and so­phis­ti­cated pro­gres­sion. This next se­quence fea­tures some chords that we wouldn’t nor­mally ex­pect in this type of track.

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