Guitar Techniques - - Bernie Marsden Part 2 | Learning Zone -

Cho­rus 4 [Bars 41-53] Cho­rus 4 starts with a sec­ond-string bend. To add mo­men­tum to this, Bernie re­peat­edly bends the string up and down in the spec­i­fied rhythm, with­out re-pick­ing. The con­tour and pac­ing of Bernie’s solo up to this point has all been grad­u­ally build­ing, and this fourth cho­rus is a crescendo. Many of the licks here are played in a higher reg­is­ter and use some faster rhyth­mic sub­di­vi­sions. Change to the bridge pickup in bar 46. Bar 51 again uses D Do­rian mode to nav­i­gate the turn­around, and this run is sim­i­lar to the sort of thing Jimi Hen­drix might play in this sit­u­a­tion.

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