Ex­am­ple 1 non CHORD tones

Guitar Techniques - - Creating Harmony Parts Pt2 | Learning Zone -

In this and the fol­low­ing ex­am­ple, ev­ery note not shown in square brack­ets re­lates di­rectly to the un­der­ly­ing chord (in other words, is a chord tone). Here, we wit­ness a se­ries of pedal move­ments whereby each half of each bar fea­tures the con­stant re­it­er­a­tion of a three- note mo­tif com­pris­ing a side- step from a chord tone to a chro­matic note a semi­tone lower, and then back to the orig­i­nal chord tone. Gui­tar parts 2 and 1 are a 3rd and 6th higher re­spec­tively than gui­tar part 3. If you vis­ually scroll up and down through the three gui­tar parts, you’ll see that: 1) Each chord tone is mir­rored by two other com­ple­men­tary chord tones in the other parts, with no dou­bling; 2) Each scale note is mir­rored by two other com­ple­men­tary scale- notes in the other parts, again, with no dou­bling.

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