Ex­am­ple4 re­peat­ing se­quen­tial idea

Guitar Techniques - - Legato Minor Pentatonics Learning Zone -

EBased on ex­er­cise 2’s scale pat­tern, this re­peat­ing se­quen­tial de­scend­ing pat­tern sees you go­ing back up a string, be­fore con­tin­u­ing the de­scent. Again, ac­cu­racy and good tim­ing are es­sen­tial. There are two pick di­rec­tion sug­ges­tions: first, an al­ter­nate pick­ing ap­proach which has down­strokes on the beats and off­beats, and ups on the 16th notes ei­ther side of those; and se­condly, one that gives an ‘in­side pick­ing’ ap­proach between strings.

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