Ex­am­ple6 Fi­nal Jam

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: British R&b -

GUI­TAR TECH­NIQUES 2 3 5 Our GUI­TAR jam opens TECH­NIQUES with a 16th-note pick­ing 2 3 5 pat­tern in 6/8 time: clas­sic Moody Blues GUI­TAR bal­lad ter­ri­tory! TECH­NIQUES In­stead of us­ing 2 3 5 al­ter­nate pick­ing, you’ll find the econ­omy pick­ing sug­gested eas­ier, or al­ter­na­tively use a re­peated 'm, i, p' finger­style pick­ing pat­tern. On the back­ing track, the riff in bar 21 is pre­ceded by two bars of or­gan. This makes the time sig­na­ture and tempo change easy to ne­go­ti­ate. The four-bar riff that fol­lows is cre­ated by slid­ing an open E shape along the strings. Fi­nally, the solo sec­tion should present no prob­lems – just en­sure that your bends are ac­cu­rate both in pitch and rhyth­mic ex­e­cu­tion.

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