Ex­am­ple4 all the notes

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This ex­er­cise en­com­passes all 12 notes from the chro­matic scale (any par­ent scale with all its sharps and flats added) across all three strings. If an ac­ci­den­tal is used near the be­gin­ning of the bar, then it en­dures for the re­main­der of the bar. The sec­ond note in the first bar is C#, so all of the fol­low­ing C notes are also played as C#; the bar line can­cels the ac­ci­den­tal, so the first note of bar 2 au­to­mat­i­cally re­verts back to C nat­u­ral. A note can also be ‘nat­u­ralised’ within the same bar when the nat­u­ral sym­bol ( ) is placed be­fore it.

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