Guitar Techniques - - Play: Blues -

[Bars 1-9] The in­tro tar­gets the b7 (G) from A7 (bar 2) to nail the changes between A7 and C#m. This note is also the b5 from the C# Blues Scale (C# E F# G G# B), so cov­ers some well-trod­den Blues-Scale vo­cab­u­lary. Of par­tic­u­lar note are bars 8-9, which even­tu­ally tar­get the V chord with a clas­sic Gary turn­around lick. [Bars 10-17] The verse sec­tion fol­lows tried-and-tested blues-style ‘call and an­swer’ phras­ing, in between the vo­cal lines. The rhythm gui­tar ac­tu­ally plays C#m chords through­out this sec­tion de­spite the more ex­plicit I- IV (C#m – F#9) that is im­plied in the no­ta­tion and by the bass move­ment.

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